Case study

Painters Place

East Bergholt

The challenge at Painters Place, a luxury housing development exclusively for over 55s in East Bergholt near the Essex border, was to capture the charm of the area while making sure the homes reflected the traditional Suffolk architecture. Most of the infrastructure in East Bergholt has not changed since the early nineteenth century, so it was important the homes integrated with the existing buildings. The task was to find roof tiles that not only complemented the local surroundings but were made of quality material that would stand the test of time.

The housing developer, Rose Builders, renowned for high-quality construction, wanted a roofing solution that would elevate the aesthetic appeal of the ten almshouse-style bungalows at Painters Place. Partnering with Keymer, the planning architect, Roger Bulmer, selected Keymer’s Goxhill Dark Red tile which stood out for its rich texture and classic appeal. Its handmade clay composition aligned perfectly with the traditional character needed for the development.


The Keymer tile, which becomes more attractive with age, matched the bungalow style, which was constructed from other traditional materials including white timber windows, stone detailing and decorative finishes. The steeply pitched roofs fitted with a mixture of the handmade clay Keymer tiles, plus decorative faux chimneys and bell tower, created a beautiful roof form derived from distinctive architectural detailing.

Simon Godbold at Rose Builders said: “When choosing a roof tile manufacturer to work with, a strong reputation, top-notch quality and meticulous attention to detail is key. When it came to Painters Place, our product, recommended by the planning architect, stood out instantly. We usually shop around to compare products, but in this instance, we felt like the Goxhill Dark Red tile was the best fit, so there was no need to look for alternatives.

“We’re completely satisfied with the roof’s finished look and would happily consider using Keymer products again in our future projects. We’re now in talks for potential future collaborations.”

Our Goxhill Dark Red tiles played a pivotal role in achieving the desired traditional aesthetic and quality for Painters Place. The craftsmanship and timeless appeal contributed significantly to the overall success of the project.

Project Summary | Developer: Rose Builders | Architect: Roger Bulmer

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