Architects and housebuilders can expect a guarantee
of quality, firm prices and an established timing of
delivery from Keymer. Depending on requirements,
there are many services we can offer to help deliver
your vision.

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  • A full discussion concerning production and design times at the project development stage.
  • A comprehensive site survey to understand the project and site requirements such as planning restrictions, local by-laws and the needs of conservation bodies.
  • An inspection of original roof tile samples as well as product and structural drawings.
  • An assessment of how best to authentically reproduce the tile profile.
  • Production of working models and drawings, resin/wood moulds, castings and mock roof sections.
  • Creation of technical specifications showing recommended batten sizes, gauge, pitch and fixings.
  • An individual fixing specification including full fixing information, together with CAD detail of the product itself.

Our Technical team are on hand to provide free easy access to useful advice, documentation and technical tools to help enhance and enrich your roof tiling projects.

Helping customers with product selection is the backbone of our technical support service for roofing, as this can be quite complex. We advise on each product’s individual performance, suggest suitable products answer any other enquiries a customer may have.

Our technical team offer the following support services in relation to roof tiles, systems and accessories.

  • General roofing advice and support
  • Product performance and design advice
  • Take-off service (working out product quantity from architectural drawings)
  • Specification-writing
  • Bespoke project design and support
  • Problem-solving

To speak to a member of our Technical team about our roofing products, please contact us.

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Case studies


Are your tiles only for use on old buildings?

No, we have a growing portfolio of projects, where architects and specifiers require a softer tone to a new-build or development. Keymer premium handmade tiles are the `go to’ tiles of choice for these types of project.

Have your tiles been used on any famous buildings?

We have supplied tiles for some of the UK’s finest buildings, such as the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle, Dover Castle to name just a few. We have also supplied tiles for some of the finest buildings both historic and contemporary, throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

I’ve been offered some second hand tiles – is this a good idea?

Generally, there may be nothing wrong with second-hand tiles. They give an instant aged look to a roof but they were originally taken off a roof for a reason. There is no lasting guarantee with the tiles, their durability and quality is unknown and they can cost just as much as a new handmade tile.

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