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Arts & Crafts House


For the renovation of this traditional 1950s Cotswolds Building, Keymer’s Heritage Service was selected to design and create bespoke roof tiles for a project that evokes the aesthetics of the Arts & Crafts era.

Every roof tile was handmade with the quality craftsmanship of Keymer, who adapt materials and techniques to fit to the distinct look and feel associated with the appropriate period and geography. This beautifully renovated property, with a contemporary tile clad pavilion extension, was featured on Channel 4’s new programme, ‘Best Laid Plans’ presented by Charlie Luxton.

Architects Lydia Robinson and Lawrence Grigg, from Design Storey, faced several practical and aesthetic challenges. Not only did the renovation of the house need to create a usable space and add bespoke features, but it also needed to complement the exciting architecture whilst adapting the façade of the vertical wall tiles and roof.

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This was particularly challenging as every external surface was clad in tile, from the roof to the walls. Furthermore, it was vital that the colour of the new roof complemented the existing palette of materials of Cotswold stone walls and concrete tiled roofs.

By forming a strong working partnership with the architects, Keymer was able to deliver not only a better quality of product, but a better quality of service for a project that everyone can be proud of.

To visually demonstrate the concept to the architects Keymer’s Heritage Service Manager and one of the Master Craftsman created a mock roof section in the factory. This enabled the craftsmen to design the bespoke fittings for the new contemporary addition and match the special requirements of the project’s aesthetic.

What products did we use?

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Service: Contemporary

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